最近悄悄來到了農曆七月,也就是 Ghost Month 





12 harrowing images of abandoned theme parks...




 Land of Oz, North Carolina, USA 奧茲樂園,美國


This Wizard of Oz-themed park was open from 1970 til 1980. It was built as part of a ski resort so was only a popular tourist attraction for a few months of the year, with hopes that it would be expanded to be an all-year thrill. The park survived a raging fire in 1975, but closed five years later for financial reasons.




∎ Resort (n.) 常去的休閒度假之處;名勝

∎ Thrill (n.) 引起激動的事物

Meeting the President was a great thrill.




 Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan 格列佛王國,日本


Built next to Mount Fuji, this theme park was only open for 10 years, and closed in 2007 due to economic doom. Now all that exists is this sprawling faux village and that giant Gulliver model.




∎ Doom (n.) 厄運,毀滅

∎ Sprawling (adj.) 雜亂延伸的

∎ Faux (adj.) 假的;人造的



 Wonderland Amusement Park, China 仙境樂園,中國


It was touted to be the biggest theme park in the whole of Asia when construction started in the mid 90s. By 1998, it had ground to a halt due to financial problems. Whilst many people tried (and failed) to restart the project, all half-finished structures were demolished once and for all in 2013.




∎ Tout (v.) 讚揚;吹捧

 Halt (v.) 停止

 Demolish (v.) 廢除

 Once and for all 永遠地



 Pripyat, Chernobyl, Ukraine 普里皮亞樂園,烏克蘭


The theme park was due to open on May 1 1986, but when the infamous Chernobyl disaster happened on April 26th just a few kilometres away, the park never got its formal opening. It opened for a few hours on April 27th to entertain locals before the announcement that everyone had to evacuate the area immediately. There are still flyers advertising the May Day opening up around Chernobyl.




 Infamous (adj.) 聲名狼藉的,臭名昭著的

The infamous traitor was sentenced to death.


 Flyer (n.) 廣告傳單



 Lake Dolores Water park, California, USA 多洛斯水上樂園,美國


Bob Byers originally made this water park especially for his extended family in the 1950s, and it was named after his wife. Bob eventually opened it to the public, and, with a camp site, rides and attractions added to the theme park over the next 25 years, it became a small success. When visitor numbers dwindled in the late 80s, it closed. It re-opened several times in the last decade under different investors but nothing ever took off.


樂園創辦人 Bob Byers 原本只打算為親朋好友興建這個私人水樂園,並以妻子的名字為名,而後決定開放給民眾,往後他還為樂園加上營地、雲霄飛車等設施。然而80年代末,遊客人潮不斷縮減,樂園最終也只好關門大吉。後來雖然有不少投資人協助重振樂園,卻也沒什麼起色。


 Extended family (n.) 大家庭 (尤指三代以上同堂)

 Dwindle (v.) 漸減



 Dadipark, Belgium 大衛帕克樂園,比利時


This park opened in 1950 under instruction from the local priest. Although it started as a small, affordable playground for local children, it quickly grew in size. It closed in 2002 following an incident in which a boy lost an arm on a ride. Due to a lack of investors, plans to demolish the site have been put in place.




 Priest (n.) 牧師;神父



 Camelot Theme Park, Lancashire, England  凱姆洛特主題樂園,英國


The park closed in 2012 due to dwindling visitor numbers which were blamed on ‘poor summer weather’ (predictable perhaps?). While some of the rides were sold off, many now lay abandoned.





 Encore’s Garden, Taiwan 亞哥花園,台灣


This theme park closed after the 921 earthquake in Taiwan which killed more than 2,000 people in 1999. Prior to that the park had been bustling, bringing over one million visitors to the country, but now it is almost like an urban legend, with only some photographers managing to find it using some pretty snazzy Google Maps knowledge.





 Bustling (adj.) 活躍的;熙攘的

 Snazzy (adj.) 華麗的﹐時髦的



 Jazzland, Six Flags, New Orleans, USA 六旗遊樂園,美國




 Spreepark, Berlin, Germany 柏林狂歡主題樂園,德國




 Dreamland, Margate, UK 夢境主題樂園,英國




 Dogpatch USA, Arkansas, USA 多哥帕奇樂園,美國








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