Born in South Africa, Troye has lived most of his life in Perth, Australia, where he has sung in a number of local telethons. An Amazing young talent with a beautiful voice, Troye owns the stage and the audience when he sings and promises to be a voice for years to come. Troye also acts and has played Oliver in local productions.



Troye has signed on for the part of young Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (April 2008).



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Sivan has sung at the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Channel Seven Perth Telethon.[1][4] His 2006 performance included a duet with Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian.[1] Sivan made it to the grand finals of StarSearch 2007.



[3] His debut album, Dare to Dream was released in February 2008. The CD includes five songs "There's a Hero", "Angels Brought Me Here", "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", "Unsung Hero" and "The Prayer".[5]



On 20 September 2008, Sivan sang in the opening of Storm the Stage at the Burswood Entertainment Complex.[6] In February 2010, Sivan opened the "We Are The World 25 for Haiti (YouTube Edition)", the collaborative music charity video produced by Lisa Lavie to help raise money for the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.



Most recently in December 2012 Troye produced his own music video through YouTube called "The 2012 Song" telling the story of the year from his perspective."The 2012 Song"



2012 song  





Troye Sivan:12歲翻唱declan的tell me why一舉成名{在youtube}、,翻唱了很多,沒被簽約但是有了自己的專輯,是個歐洲各種節目常去的天籟童聲。名氣不亞於歐美著名的declan和billy當然可能稍微沒有亞洲的人氣,而且Troye Sivan把declan和billy當自己的目標



影星的一方面,這是一個新聞:澳大利亞的13歲少年Troye Sivan將在《X戰警前傳:金剛狼》中扮演“金剛狼”羅根的少年版,能贏得這個角色很大程度上有賴他在Youtube上的演唱視頻。電影講述的是金剛狼的過去,主角還包括休·傑克曼、黑眼豆豆成員、韓國男模丹尼爾·亨利等。



《X戰警前傳:金剛狼》定角工作又有新進展,片中“金剛狼”羅根的少年版終於找到合適人選,即由來自澳大利亞的13歲少年Troye Sivan飾演。據澳大利亞網站The Sydney Times報導,Sivan能贏得這個由休·傑克曼成功塑造的角色,某種程度上應該感謝他在Youtube網站上的演唱視頻。 在看完Youtube的視頻之後,Sivan還被要求提供一份錄音帶,由此才獲得了這個角色。事實上,Sivan此前在悉尼已初試牛刀,主演舞台劇《Olliver》並獲得了一定的關注。












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